What SIG would DEs other than KDE and GNOME belong to?

Heya, just now I was looking at the list of SIGs and I noticed that while there was SIGs for KDE and GNOME, there aren’t rally any SIGs that other Desktop Environments fit neatly into. I could see some fitting into the project-specific SIGs, e.g. MATE and Cinnamon in GNOME, however that would exclude LXDE, not to mention the various other Window Managers. Would these perhaps need a general WM/DE SIG?

I think they would get their own SIG!


Maybe it does make sense to group the Wayland/X11 WMs that really are only WMs together, though? (thinking of i3, sway, river et al)

Sorry, this probably warrants an explanation:

I agree that each DE should have its own SIG, since most DEs have a lot of programs/setup that has to match, which the integration being very specific to each DE.
But I expect that for WM only setups, the challenges are quite similar, if not even the same. Thus it’s beneficial to group the discussion/problem solving around that in common SIG.


If a single group wants to take responsibility for owning all of them then that would be fine.