Telegram Auxolotl Group

What are your thoughts on having a Telegram group where users can - similarly to in Matrix - exchange ideas, ask questions etc.

I thought it might be a good idea to discuss it here before posting anywhere else.

I took the liberty of creating a group:

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While I personally don’t like Telegram groups, I think Telegram channel for stuff like news, announcements, git, etc might be great
But probably too early to discuss? idk

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Are you referring to posting news etc. being too early or having a telegram group as being too early?

I agree that using telegram for news and similar things would be a good idea, although that would - in my mind - a separate channel from the one I am discussing. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any interest in supporting telegram.


Maybe too early to post news and announcements on telegram, I think blog post, RSS or something is a higher priority

Also, I agree with the decision to not officially support Telegram. However, the community can choose to do it on its own :smiley_cat:


Telegram is my main chat app (switched all my family and friends) not that its perfect. Matrix is definitely more FOSS.

I actually think announcements would be fantastic. In particular for people who are in the “wait and see” camp, but might join after they see enough progress.

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The hard part is every place an announcement needs to be made is generally more overheadoverhead. So I’d currently be a fan of just having one announcements place that people can get notifications for. Could be a Mastodon account. Actually I’d say Jakes Mastodon account probably already is that announcement service haha.

Agreed. I was advocating for the telegram group to be a public forum like this Discourse board is. I’m fine with individuals sending news and announcements in the telegram group if they wish but in no way forcing that extra overhead on anyone in any official capacity.

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to be honest I don’t think telegram is the best fit for us, especially considering how we’d instead be reliant on their centralised proprietary servers. I think we should try have a small number of core official communities e.g. this forum, matrix instead of being split over a larger number of platforms and therefore dividing up moderation ability.


Just FYI, there is a Matrix - Telegram bridge. I’m actually not sure what matrix has in term of moderation tools…

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Matrix has mjolnir and draupnir, as well as manual kicking/banning of people.

Currently, we host mjolnir for the matrix server.


For an open-source more casual chat app than Matrix there is Revolt. For an opensource update stream like Telegram channels, I think a similar thing with Signal bots is also possible. But I’m not sure if there are better solutions. Both of those also have some possible privacy concerns, but I think much less than Telegram given that they’re open-source.

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it looks like you pasted a link to a macOS automation app, did you mean matrix-org/mjolnir?

Yes, I did, thanks for catching that!