Team Bandwidth And Collaborating With Lix

Hey there folks!

I have been thinking about this for a little bit now and wanted to see how everyone here felt. We have some things to work on documenting for Aux, but a lot of work is currently focused around prototyping and iterating. For people that still want to contribute, but might not otherwise have much to do, what do you think about trying to improve Lix’s documentation?

This was mentioned before, but Aux’s website is already more accessible than NixOS given our translations. Perhaps we can extend that kind of improvement to Lix’s site? No hard commitments here though, if we aren’t confident in doing so or don’t have the interest/bandwidth then we can stick to our own projects.


This sounds like a really good idea, and very much in the open source spirit; ‘a bit of give and take’. It would be good to understand the priorities or aspirations of the SIGs/ Committees, for the future Aux roadmap; this could include ‘giving back’ to projects that share our goals.




I do like the proposal. Having worked on one of the aux website translations with some others I can imagine supporting lix in this way too.


Deleted for being wrong, I just reread their governance page


I’ve not been following closely, but it may just be that they’ve gone about things “the other way around” - I think they may have wanted to produce something deliverable first (to prove it was possible) before going public, and deal with wider community building further down the line. If so, it’s a different approach but still valid! Possibly one better suited to a more narrowly defined objective like lix than to something wider ranging like aux.

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