Starting our migration to Forgejo

As we mentioned in our roadmap announcement, we’ve decided to set up a Forgejo instance. We’re pleased to announce that it’s up at

We’d like to start migration as soon as possible. To help with that, we suggest that you create accounts on the instance. You can do so with GitHub, or if you’d prefer to avoid GitHub you can create an account with a username/password.

Once you’ve done so, please comment below with your username and we’ll add you to the auxolotl organization on there and any teams you might need.

If you’re a SIG Leader, please also migrate SIG repos. Remember to add a notice to the README of the old repo and archive it once you’ve done so. This will avoid splitting any contributions.

Please also feel free to ask any more questions you have below.

Thanks very much,
The steering and infrastructure commitees.


“8bitbuddhist”, same as here and on GitHub

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I’ve added myself as srd424, same as on github. I wasn’t in the organization before because I didn’t think I was likely to be doing anything useful, but in the end I’ve been doing some tinkering with infra experiments that might end up useful, so perhaps it’s an idea? Thanks!

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Just registered! Same username as here and github

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Just registered as c8h4.
Teams: COMSEC (+Leaders), SIG Core, SIG Rust.

Thanks for allthe work! It’s great to see that we finally moving of GitHub :rocket:


Just registered, username is “aidan”

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Hi ; ptitfred (same as github) and SIG Haskell (altough so far I haven’t contributed at all :frowning: )

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I am bbjubjub2494, with SIG Rust and Go (hopefully we can get going)


liketechnik, same as here and on GitHub

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I’ve added everyone up until here, you should all have the ability to create repositories (which you will then own) as well as access any migrated repositories belonging to your respective SIGs!


AxelSilverdew :smile:

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nairou, same as on GitHub

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dfh, same as on GitHub.
Member in GH teams:

  • Committee: Code of Conduct
  • Committee: infrastructure
  • SIG: Core
  • SIG: Documentation
  • Committee: Security Leaders
  • Committee: Security

Awesome, happy to see we have forgejo now :tada:

Looking through my account options, I saw the accounts page which suggests we can use this forgejo instance as an oauth2 account DB.

Are there any plans of implementing that for say the calendar/ the forum/ hedgedoc?
I would love to let go of my github account for aux :wink:



  • SIG: Documentation
  • SIG: Documentation Translators
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Registered as srxl


  • SIG Core
  • SIG Javascript

I keep getting daily dependabot alerts for auxolotl/core - they remind me of this thread.

Is someone in charge of moving the core repo over to our forgejo?
Or alternatively could disable the dependabot?