Ship lix as the default nix

So obviously lix has just been released. And this afternoon it has joined core repo as an aux package and therefore we should be able to ship it as the default nix version.

lix offers many changes prominently UX and QOL changes.

We should likely hold off on setting lix to the default nix version until after it is out of beta.


Is there a documentation/ roadmap that outlines when lix is considered stable/ out-of-beta?

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Let’s keep both Nix and Lix separately. When we work on modules then we can consider setting the default package used for Nix to be Lix (probably with an alias as well).


Not as far as I’m aware.

Yes this is what I had in mind too.

Also we don’t know if lix will add something that nix doesn’t work well with, like a new builtin, so we should still try to write modules towards nix.


Forgot to mention that lix also does regression changes unlike nix, so it will be more reliable to test against too. As well as fixing a number of bugs.


Given available evidence, Lix seems a significantly more stable alternative to Nix. I don’t really see why it shouldn’t be the default in the not-even-beta aux setup?