Quickly review with nixpkgs-review

Hey all,

Rebranding is still TBD

I’ve created a fork of nixpkgs-review all that has changed at this current moment has replaced all mentions of hardcoded “NixOS” to “auxolotl”. Feel free to make some changes and PR them to me. There is still much left to do.

Give it a try with nix run github:auxolotl/nixpkgs-review -- pr 2

Or ever wondered how we get those comments (see below) just include --post-result


If you want to move this repo to auxolotl/nixpkgs-review I think that would be fine. The naming matches with the nixpkgs repo fork so it should be less confusing.

Sure thing give me a few minutes.

Edit: the transfer has been made

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I’ve gone ahead and fixed the repository description so the link points to auxolotls fork