Post your computers!

What system(s) are you running Nix/Aux on? Let’s see them!

  • Personal laptop: Lenovo Legion Slim 7 - AMD version
  • Work laptop: Surface Pro 9
  • Home server: Minisforum UM340

I have 2 computers atm:

  • Work laptop: HP Envy x360 w/ Ryzen 7 APU
  • PC: Ryzen 9 5900x + 7900XT

I have a bunch of hetzner vpses running a bunch of stuff atm, but I’m going to be slowly moving things over to either or setting up a home server. The new infra is all going to be aux from day 1. :smile:


personal laptop: Dell Latitude 5490 with an i5-8350U, from 2018, running NixOS


  • Toshiba C55-B5270 laptop from 2014 or so, with a Pentium, running NixOS
  • Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb, running Home Assistant OS
  • Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb (not currently in use, because RPis hate NixOS)
  • Laptop: Dell XPS 9520, Intel i7 12700H
  • Desktop: Ryzen 9 7950X, Radeon RX 7800XT, GTX 1080
  • Home Server: Ryzen Threadripper 1920X
  • Minecraft Server Laptop abomination: Intel i7-7700HQ, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mobile
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB
  • OnePlus 6t running NixOS

Primary Proxmox cluster:

  • ~2012 mac mini, 4 threads, 16gigs.
  • ~2019 mac mini, 12 threads, 64gigs.
  • Ryzen 7 3700X, 16 threads, 128gigs.
  • Ryzen Threadripper 3960x, 48 threads, 256gigs.

The Ryzen 7 has an AMD RX590 in it - passed through to our gaming VM. And a light GPU for the hypervisor terminal.
The Threadripper has an NVIDIA 1080 passed to tooling VMs and a Radeon VII passed to my main workstation desktop VM. And a light GPU for the hypervisor terminal.


  • 1st gen macbook air.
  • 2013 macbook air.
  • 2012 macbook pro.


  • 2016 iMac.


  • Surface Go 2.

Worth noting the 2019 mini and the Threadripper are company machines and about half the apple hardware is 2nd hand rescues. I’m also likely going to migrate my desktop VM to the Ryzen 7 this year as my work tasks have recently shifted around a fair bit.

Ah and ofc. also worth noting that on top of a small business and me, that machine heap serves a household of three :wink:

Oh and we also have an instance of the smallest Linode VM.


A 4x4 neofetch
All systems have nix installed and are very different

  • chili: Macbook Pro, M2
  • blue (not pictured): Macbook Air, M2
  • coffee: x86_64 workstation
  • wax: x86_64 mini-pc, server/nas (minisforum MS-01)

Can anyone guess how my hostnames are related?

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I’m running a couple.

  • Desktop: Ryzen 9 7950X3D, Radeon 7900 XTX, Radeon 5700 XT, 96 GB RAM
  • Main Server: Ryzen 5 3600x, 32 GB RAM
  • Backup Server: Beelink SER5 Mini PC Ryzen 5560U, 16 GB RAM
  • Temp Project Server: Raspi 4 B 8GB
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I’m running some and additionally help manage @coded’s servers. Here are mine:

  • greylag: One side of a dual boot on my framework laptop, used for personal stuff, NixOS, 13", 12th Gen Intel Core, 32GB RAM
  • canvasback: The other side of the dual boot, used for work stuff, fedora+nix+home-manager
  • mallard: Work M2 Mac Mini
  • avocet: Mac Mini 2014, used mostly as a personal server, MacOS+nix
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boa: personal laptop, m2 macbook air
scummv: linux “vm” running on orbstack with nixos on boa
ecsdlqhp: work laptop, intel 16 in macbook pro
monoazul: linux vm on ecslqhp
caravanpalace: cheap ovh server
sunra: steamdeck running jovian-nixos

All of them running different nix flavors.

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Oh, we’re doing hostname schemes? I’ve been naming my servers after Castle Crashers characters since I was thirteen years old! :slight_smile:

My two laptops so far have been named after things people call their partners, so:

  • bae for my first laptop, a chromebook
  • bae, again when i switched that to Pop!_OS
  • gurl, when i switched that to NixOS, and
  • boo, when i got a new(ish) laptop that wasn’t nine years old.

FrameWork 11th Gen, Acer Laptop, a bunch of RPI4 + instances in a few clouds (OVH, Hetzner, Upcloud). hopefully another one on vpsfree soon.

Also interested in placing some workload into COOP hosting companies instead of hyperscalers.


We are indeed! I also have the following non-nixos machines (many of them are mobile devices because of my job, so I’m not able to install NixOS)

Alabio, Muscovy, Eider, Gadwall, Albatross, Chickadee, Chicken, Campbell, Ruddy, Marbled, Kiwi


This would have been very boring on my side a week ago but I just changed laptops after 8 years!

  • nyx: Framework 16!!! AMD 7840HS, no dGPU, named after Nyx from Hades because of gender envy
  • eve: My beloved Macbook Pro from 2015 which I (painfully) used for graphics programming, after I transition everything I will probably set it up for my brother, named because well, apple
  • I also have a raspberry pi that had a matrix / home cloud server that I need to get working again, I haven’t got the time lately (and I am now realizing it doens’t have a name, that can’t be!)

Personal latop:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 4800H (16) @ 2.900GHz
  • ~16Gb of Ram
  • AMD ATI Renoir + NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Mobile
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  • lolcathost: desktop built around 2019 or something
    • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (16) @ 3.70 GHz
    • AMD Radeon RX Vega (RADV VEGA10) (8.00 GiB) [Discrete]
    • 32GB of ram
    • 980 Pro 1TB, written over 6PB in the good old chia mining days when I could easily make like triple ROI. Still going strong :smiley_cat:
  • nagisa: old thinkpad x240, I couldn’t think a good host name, so I just took from CLANNAD
  • vultr: self-explanatory, I host reverse proxy and headscale there. If anyone can think of a better host name, please tell me
  • tomoyo: At a mere $3 per month, it hosts homepage-dashboard, linkding, and searxng.
  • nixpro64: rockpro64, I need to rename it to something related to auxolotl. Currently hosts vaultwarden

All of them runs NixOS


Ah hostnames:

  • Company machines: Chiba, Toulon, Dejima.
  • Personal machines: BMO, Haro, Juicebox, Canti, Tyrol, Gir. One I’m forgetting atm.
  • Network devices: Nilt, Ghaon.
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ooh, I’ve a few machines myself! all of them running NixOS, of course

  • Asiyah: Home Server, ThinkCentre M900 Tiny w/ 32GB of RAM
  • Briah: 3D Printer Controller, Raspberry Pi 4b w/ 4GB of RAM
  • miracle-crusher: Main Desktop, 7800X3D, RX6800XT, 32GB of RAM
  • vera-deck-oled: Gaming Handheld, Steam Deck OLED running Jovian

the first two are a Project Moon reference lol, if I ever get a third server I’m calling it Atziluth :relieved:


mine are named after things related to sweet foods, candy, maple, and althaea


I’ve got a good handful of machines :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Sapphire: My custom-build Ryzen 7900X + RX 5700 desktop. 32GB DDR5 RAM, 512GB NVME boot drive, and a 1TB HDD for mass storage. This is my workstation, it’s where I work most of my magic.
  • Tanzanite: A Framework 16 laptop, loaded with a 7840HS, 16GB RAM, and 1TB of SSD storage. If I’m out and about, hanging out at a local cafe for a bit, this one’s what I’ve got with me.
  • Amethyst: Ryzen 3600, RX 6700 XT (i think? don’t remember), and 16GB RAM. Not really used at the moment - basically the parts left over after I finished ship-of-theseusing it into Sapphire. My intention was to set it up as a VR gaming box, but… one day I’ll get those lighthouses sorted. One day. Right now though, it’s pretty muck just collecting dust.

And then there’s the Gemstone Labs collection, which makes up my own personal homelab:

  • Aquamarine: A Dell Optiplex with an i5 4570S, and 16GB RAM.
  • Biotite, Cassiterite, and Diamond: HP Elitedesks with i7 4785Ts and 8GB RAM (except for Biotite, with 16GB).

Together, those four make up the compute portion of my lab, running virtual machines for a bunch of stuff, like Matrix, Plex, Roon, Nextcloud, Vaultwarden, and a bunch of other bits and pieces.

  • Epidote: An Optiplex with a i5 4590, 8GB RAM, and a 4 port NIC. This is my OPNsense firewall, managing routing for my whole home. (“Why not Emerald? Seems more obvious?” That one was taken by my old school laptop, who is unfortunately pretty dead these days.)
  • Fluorite: A way overkill Ryzen 5500 with 32GB of ECC RAM, serving as a NAS that provides storage for everything in the Gemstone Labs - backups, VM disks, databases, the whole lot. Backed by 2 arrays - 4x512GB SSDs in RAID10 for 1TB usable, and 6x4TB HDDs in RAID-Z2 for 16TB usable. Also loaded with an SFP+ card for a speedy 10G link to serve those VM disks with minimal choking.

That’s about all of 'em! Oh, and they all run NixOS, of course :stuck_out_tongue: (except Epidote)

Oh, and why the gem naming scheme? Simple - My name’s Ruby :grin: