Poll: Regular COMSEC meetings

I opened a new poll


to understand when would be the best time to setup a regular meeting time for “Committee Security” (aka COMSEC).

Due to a limitation with when2meet, you need to make sure

Convert your answers to UTC

before adding.

I’m aware this can only serve as a current snapshot-in-time and I believe that’s OK. For now we only need a good enough answer, we can adjust dates as we progress and where necessary.


I saw Nix folks yesterday using https://crab.fit/, which can handle the timezone of every responder automatically. Might be handy for next time?


ooohhh sweet! It even converts my own answers when I switch timezones. Thanks for the recommendation.

FWIW, for completeness-sake, there is also rallly, which we’ve been using successfully at a local student/hackers club. Never worked with it across timezones, so not sure how that works. (And it does not use any horrible, privacy-invasive Google tracking scripts.)


I will probably not be able to make the next call, but I will join future calls.


Thanks. Happy to test them all over time :+1:

Reminder to @committee_security to please take a moment to add your vote if you haven’t.

We’re having input from less than 50% of members right now, I don’t end up choosing a spot that doesn’t work for many.

Thanks :pray:


I’m the person who’s blocking what are looking like the best time slots. It’s because I’m in Australia (and I can’t do early morning because I have absolutely essential dog time then - I have a puppy who just could not if I wasn’t available to him at dawn). I recommend going ahead without me - I’m probably the least useful of the current team anyway.


I currently can’t really commit to a time slot, so I abstained from voting.


Done :grin: (filling :transgender_flag: :transgender_flag: :transgender_flag: :transgender_flag:)


Thanks for the heads-up @Heliobri

Finding an overlap between EU + US + Ausi/Asia timezones is freaking hard, I’m running the same issue in another community.

We are now experimenting with different timezones that we alternate between. I’ll report back if that’s gonna be helpful, if yes I’m happy to consider this too.

Thanks for the heads-up, it’s really helpful to know.

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Great this looks like the majority have given their vote on timing :tada:

The most compatible timeslots are

  • Wednesdays 18:00 UTC
  • Thursdays 18:00 UTC

@c8h4 and I both have a preference for Thursdays, so we gonna make a call in the role of committee owners and choose Thursdays. Please feel free to veto this approach if you feel this is wrong.

Given this is really last minute for tomorrow and we don’t wanna ruin already made plans, 2024-05-09T00:00:00Z will be an informal hangout and the proposed agenda will be for the 2024-05-16T00:00:00Z meeting