Official Logo Vote

Come one, come all! Today we begin the voting process for Aux’s logo! This poll will run for one week (2024-05-12 through 2024-05-18). Once complete, the top-voted logo will become the official Aux logo! Note that you may vote for as many options as you would like. If you like two logos, vote for both. Please also note that some tweaks may be made to the winning logo to fit into different use cases.

Presented in a randomized order:

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

  • Logo #1
  • Logo #2
  • Logo #3
  • Logo #4
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Every Logo is bad to be honest …


Let’s keep things positive here. These logos are pretty creative and I’m glad contributors submitted them.


All of these look pretty good imo, thank you to the artists who contributed <3


Well, we are all entitled to our own opinions, and you’re welcome to submit a better logo :slight_smile:

I would’ve liked to change mine a lot too, and I’m sure there will be opportunities in the future to do so.

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Also I didn’t look at the vote till now @jakehamilton I did mean for this one (dark background) to be the candidate for smiling instead of the white background. (Its got a few adjustments the white background doesn’t)

Probably won’t get any votes if added now but maybe worth swapping with the light background one.


Ah I thought it was just color differences and if that was selected then we would use the appropriate color for the given situation.

Honestly the second one is amazing, having just the little head as a “minimal” logo for icons and whatever, and the full logo for branding in general. I just think the colors are a bit weird? I dont know! Looks nice either way


My proposed logo isn’t listed.

Oh I didn’t see an image submitted, did I miss it?

Yes. I don’t think there’s any way to link to a specific reply in a thread, so you might want to search by my name.

I agree; I like the shape, but not so much the colours. I think my ideal would be something between #2 and #4.

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Aha. I’ve discovered how to link to my logo nomination in the nominations thread. There are also replies discussing it.

Aaah I see. I think we are looking for an image logo rather than a kaomoji right now.

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You don’t think it’s suitable for a logo

AND you don’t think it can be converted to your preferred format

AND you don’t feel uncomfortable making those decisions on your own during a voting process?

If you want to submit is as an image then I can add it, but we will lose all of the existing votes in the poll.

You will indeed lose all the existing votes if you restart a poll, but that’s what happens when you start the poll without making sure you’ve got all the nominations. Not even all the nominations that had positive comments in the nominations thread!

I’m not sure whether I need to explicity point out that you didn’t specify a format before closing nominations.

If this is how you run a poll, I’m not comfortable with your efforts at running a community.

It may be a good idea to take a break for a little bit, the response here seems a little disproportionate.

I didn’t think I had to clarify that the logo submission should be an image, but now I know. It’s an honest mistake. If you want to submit an image version I can still add it to the poll and we can extend the runtime until next Monday.


He missed my image too by accident. But let’s keep things in perspective, this is the first real poll for this discourse (license poll was just for feedback). He’s already recognized (in a different thread) that this poll/nomination wasn’t the greatest, and that future ones would be different.

I don’t think this poll was intended to be too serious, it was just that some logo was better than nothing, and probably was best to get community feedback rather than just Jake pick a temporary one on his own.


To make this postive, I didnt even think about nomination formats when I gave my 2cents about making polls better. I’d really like to hear your ideas @Heliobri in the Voting and Ensuring Integrity thread.