Official Aux Accounts should immediately claim usernames on SNS platforms, like twitter, discord, youtube, bluesky, instagram, etc…


You’re very right, I should’ve done this before but now I’m going through and grabbing things.


Well, I’ve got Twitter and YouTube. TBH I really don’t want to have to make an instagram/facebook/bluesky account. I don’t think we need those anyway. I will be making one on Mastodon. Any other places we should lock the name down?

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reddit account and a subreddit

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We do have the subreddit thanks to @VlinkZ.

What is the name and having the subreddit under “u/” or “u/aux-modteam” would be better tbh

We have r/aux (somehow wasn’t taken). But yes the account is a good idea


its private right now. Do you plan keeping it private and redirecting people to this forum?

Maybe things should be kept private and closed until further course of action is taken. Anyway, good work claiming names. :slight_smile:


For the bluesky crew—you can snag your domain name whenever you fancy. No rush, take your time.

Maybe scoop up Twitch too while you’re at it? Could be fun! :star2:

I’ll propose claiming a name on Cohost - certainly a smaller/niche platform but I’ve seen a fair few Nix users on the site (as well as people interested in learning Nix as well).! The nix Lemmy (Fediverse reddit) is how I found out about Aux


A peertube, pixelfed, and a loops (eventually) would be cool! I have a couple of nix video tutorials in the works – I’d love to make them for aux too! For people like me who prefer video to text, this could be something we enhance nix on.

A castopod if we’re feeling it, but that one seems extra extra.


Twitter, YouTube, and the subreddit is good enough for now.

bluesky you can safely skipped since you can use the DNS name. Facebook and Instagram I don’t think may distros go there because I don’t think there’s target audience.

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The nice thing about fediverse accounts is that because there are so many instances to choose from–including setting up your own–you don’t need to stress about usernames being taken. We don’t need to go locking down usernames on those platforms since we can create them as needed. Peertube would be very cool though, maybe the docs SIG would be interested in creating official video tutorials or something some day down the line.


Maybe on some popular centralized code hosting platforms, in case we ever want to move away from GitHub?

(Dunno which ones deem name-parking an acceptable practice on their platform.)