Minutes from SIG: Documentation on 2024-05-18



  • Wiki pages
    • Community
      • @minion: we’ve moved all the original sigs-and-committees into Community.
      • @minion: We merged the COMSEC welcome page onto the home page of that directory.
    • Starting guides
      • @minion: A lot of migration guide and install guide content has been removed after steering committee decision to not soft fork.
    • Templates
      • @minion: We’d like to make some templates that can be used on similar pages (eg: starting committee page).
    • WikiJS navigation kinda sucks
    • WikiJS has its own comments section
      • @dfh: There’s a write permission bit for them, let’s just remove this permission bit.
      • @8bitbuddhist: Maybe we have a page in the forum for directing people with comments.
  • Docs browser site
    • @minion: It exists: Docs Website.
    • @dfh: I prefer the no-JS version, if we can use this then we don’t need better wikijs navigation.
    • @minion: we need to set up CI for auto sync.
  • Update on project and code standards


  • @coded Add a page to the wiki about how to add all the formatters and things (wiki)
  • Make some templates that can be used on similar pages (wiki)
  • @minion, @coded Set up CI for auto sync (docs site)
  • @minion, @coded Set canonical URLs for docs pages to point at wiki pages (docs site)
  • @dfh treefmt lint checking

Standing reminders

  • Next meeting will be at the same time next week!