Meeting Agenda for 2024-07-12

Here’s the Agenda for 2024-07-12T19:00:00Z's meeting:

  • Additional agenda items
  • @dfh: Update emails project, next steps
  • Via @aidalgol Should Aux Security be capable of handling embargo updates? What are the concequences of that decision?
  • @dfh Short recap of thoughts around OpenSSH vuln
  • @dfh Update on secrets project
  • Any other business

Unfinished discussions points from past calls

Call will be at the same place as always
Here is the link for the agenda/minutes

I feel I should clarify that I only mentioned this in the general Matrix room because I saw it being discussed in the NixOS Security Discussions room, and thought some of the points raised over there may be of interest to the Aux Security team just for future reference, not to raise it as something that needs action at this early stage.

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No worries. I was grateful for you pointing at the discussion. When thinking about it a bit more I realized my original statement sounded like we already made up our mind, while in reality we touched upon the idea but I don’t remember us deciding and documenting the reason.

So agenda item it became :wink:


Meeting notes can be found at

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