Meeting Agenda for 2024-05-25

Thanks to @dfh for the idea of posting this early. Meeting will be the same as this week (AuxSigDocs on Jitsi @ 2024-05-25T17:00:00Z). The current topics for next week are the following

  • Wiki pages
    • Templates
    • WikiJS navigation
    • Decide on and assign some pages for people to write
  • Docs-site
    • Navigation
    • Canonical URLs
  • Forgejo status update
  • Adding topics to the agenda
  • Any other business

If anyone would like anything added please leave a comment on this topic.


Sorry I won’t be able to make this one. One other thing we might want to consider is documenting a quick start guide to Keyoxide, or whichever community trust system we decide to go with (based on this thread:


Minutes can be found here

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