Matrix Moderation

Let’s figure out the details for managing a Matrix instance. This would also include bridging for at least a Discord server.


I think mjolnir or similar is a good start for moderation, specific rules would have to be discussed but I imagine we’ll stay in the lines of Contributor Covenant.

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I second Mjolnir. It’s great.

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Also, @jakehamilton is the matrix server going to be synapse or conduit?
If the decision hasn’t been made already, I’d like to vote for conduit. :raised_hand:

Synapse has a recurring bug that the devs don’t seem to be interested in fixing. I know communities that get their rooms locked because of that bug and they can’t really do anything to fix it aside from moving to a new room and losing a sizeable chunk of their users.


Isn’t there a soft(?)-fork of conduit called conduwit? I think I’ve saw it at TWM. Maybe we can also consider it an option.

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A decision hasn’t been made yet, but I was already leaning towards conduit. I’ve had bad experiences trying to run Synapse and Dendrite in the past.


We should move this to the other thread, this is about moderation. Also, I think that this thread should be paused or locked for now, because a decision hasn’t been made on bridging the discord server or if we’re using matrix at all.


I recently set up conduit with NixOS and am happy to help if needed. Here is an article on how I did it: ~/nat-418 - Self-hosting Matrix with an IRC bridge on NixOS