How do we onboard people to our team?

Mostly a question for @jakehamilton here… we’re getting some excellent responses over at our call for documentation maintainers, and we’d love to start adding interested people to the Documentation Special Interest Group!

Right now we don’t seem to have permissions to do so, is there some sort of “SIG Chair” role that could give us access to? If not, could there be?


I am going to take a look into this. I’m fairly new to running a Discourse instance so you may need to bear with me for a moment


I have added you as an owner of the SIG: Documentation group. That should give you the ability to add members on this page: Sig: documentation - Aux

Let me know if that’s still not working!

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All seems to be working, thanks very much!

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I was going to write a post asking about a matrix space but now that’s resolved. Maybe we it would concern the newly created moderation SIG to have a matrix moderation team ready for that when it happens.

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I’m not a big fan of ‘SIG’, but I guess I’ll get used to it. It doesn’t feel very ‘community’, and reminds me of RFCs from when I first started using GNU/Linux, in '98.Just my view, but SIG feels exclusive/ prohibitive.

This is just an opinion, not a criticism.