Hello Aux! Introductions

I believe introducing ourselves is a good way to start the off topic category. :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Sigma, a 22yo CS student from France. I am a passionate developer that started almost 6 years ago by tinkering with python.

During my studies and also personally, I explored many domains from front-end with the Vue.js to back-end using PHP, database management and DevOps. Today I am happily continuing my journey by doing low level, C oriented shenanigans and well a bit of python which remain the language I have most experience on. I love digging into the detail of how a computer works and OS works, and also have an interest into the logic gates world.

I went to Linux a bit more than 3 years ago, by installing endeavour OS on my desktop, before going to Arch itself a bit later. Last year, I encountered Nix and NixOS, which blown me away from the first few minutes. Like many of us, It has completely changed my perspective on package management and what I expected of a distro to feel like.

Eventually, I made my small contributions into nixpkgs, shipping a few packages. Until now, my experience of nix was really appreciable and this is why I felt heart-broken when the recent event arrived, to me, by surprise.

I do not attend to leave the nix world, but I am still interested in participating in this fork, both as a learning opportunity and trying to help to see what is achievable.
I am happy to have made my way here this early in the project and hope for the best!


Hey fellow Auxers :wave:

I’m Noughty Pixel, your neighborhood penguin tamer who technically just celebrated my 4th birthday (gotta love those leap year quirks)!

I’ve been tinkering with pixels and code from a pretty young age. :video_game::sparkles:

I’m learning the craft of retro-style game design from my cozy little nook at Pricklepatch Pond; yeah, it’s as charming as it sounds.

Linux is my playground, and I spend my days (and let’s be real, nights too) diving deep into the vibrant worlds of open-source and vintage gaming.

Catch you in the threads!

Noughty :star2:


As we say in my town, Howdy!

I’m Jeff. This is my 4th year of a PhD in AI robotics at Texas A&M university. I maintain the C++ and Bash grammars for VS Code, I’m always happy to talk about programming languages, and and I’ve got an ungodly number of mostly-trash github repos.

I daily drive MacOS and Linux. Python and JS make up most of my code bases, but I still do some C/C++ and also do Rust, WASM, and AssemblyScript when I can.

I really care about making nix user friendly and squashing the learning curve.

As for nix:


Hi all,

I’m Isabel. I currently attend Aberystwyth university (that’s in Wales, UK). I currently have a number of open source programs you might recognise me from the main 2 is probably catppuccin, specifically userstyles as a member of staff, and the other is charm-freeze.nvim.

As for more nix related stuff, I maintain a few packages here and there. My dotfiles are publicly available and is a completely overcomplicated but it hosts all my infra. And I often review and write some PRs on miscellaneous nix projects here and there.

And now for aux related things, I am currently a moderator for this project.

Its nice to meet you all.


Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a no-longer-so-active Nixpkgs maintainer (due to time constraints) from Lausanne Switzerland. I am a student in cybersecurity and plan to work on cryptography, distributed systems and blockchains.

I have been running full NixOS IaC for a while now with agenix, direnv, microvm, and home-manager. My main points of interest in the package collection are Go, Rust, cybersecurity tools and blockchains. I am motivated to be a bit more active now so we will see how that goes.

I know that challenges lie ahead but I am motivated. As Framasoft have put it, la route est longue mais la voie est libre


Hello everyone! :smiley:

I’m Abhiram. I go by Axel or AxelSilverdew online.
I’m working on getting a masters degree in software engineering at the moment.

I don’t really have any “big” open source projects to my name, but I usually make small fun tools like krabligraphy to play around with. :smile:

My nix stuff is all publicly available here.

Within the Aux sphere, I help out as a moderator and I intend to write a ton of documentation for us. :smile:

I hope we can all get along!



I haven’t been very active in programming for ages. I was a professional in the 1980s and 1990s, in the good old days when there were so few of us that you didn’t need to be intelligent :slight_smile:

I have some insight into some aspects of governance from having been on the boards of several non-profit orgs.

I love NixOS and will love aux even more!



My name’s Vera, although I also go by “zumorica” online, at times.
I work as a software developer and on my free time I like doing game dev and contributing to open source projects. I also used to be a maintainer and project manager for a foss game called Space Station 14.

The Nix configs for all my personal infra is available here in case anyone wants to check! I’ve been using NixOS for a bit over a year now and I just love being able to keep all the declarative configs for my machines in a single git repository. It’s saved me a lot of trouble in the past, such as when the SSD of my main homeserver died! I was able to have it back up and running in less than an hour of getting a replacement SSD

I intend to help moderate and maintain various parts of the Aux project, such as packages, infra and documentation.

Nice to meet you all :relieved:



I’m Florian/liketechnik.
I work as a software developer and currently study CS.
I’m very passionate about listening to various kinds of electronic music. In my free time I enjoy contributing to open source project or work on my own hobby programming projects.

My system configuration is available here. I also maintain two (+ 1 pending) package in nix; and (tried to) fix issues on other packages when I stumped over them.

I’m personally not using a complete desktop environment, but I’m using rust for many projects, so I’ll hopefully be able to help maintaining it. Otherwise, I’m trying to get better at writing documentation, so I’m looking forward to contribute in this area too.


I’ve been posting around a little on the forums - should write something up here, I reckon.

Anyway, uh, heya! I’m Ruby, usually srxl (or sometimes Sorixelle, if it’s taken) on the internet. I’m a bit of an avid computer toucher - you’ll often find me getting way deep in the weeds on my homelab (all NixOS, by the way!), fiddling about with some new web thingy, or just generally lost in my own thoughts. About computers, of course. Don’t really have an off switch there.

Outside of touching computers, sometimes you’ll find me out on a walk somewhere with my camera (I should really start putting my pics somewhere… pixelfed time?), hitting up local cafes for a good coffee, or engaging in whatever little hyperfixation my brain decides it’s time for (right now, that seems to be fountain pens… pretty…).

I’m always up for a chat - if you ever see me around, feel free to say hi and chat about whatever, whether it be here in the Aux community, or somewhere else I have a presence on - not many places, admittedly, but feel free to check my site for the other places I hang out.

Pleasure to meet you all - looking forward to hacking on Aux together!


re srxl: eyyy! I was wondering from the profile picture if I’d seen you around, now I’m pretty sure I have in garfcord

for my part, I’m @minion, also known as Minion3665, mini or Skyler. I’m trans, my pronouns are she/her.

I used to hop distros, but I fell in love with Nix’s tech and have been on NixOS since around the time the Wil T videos were made. Before that I daily-drove everything from QubesOS to Bedrock linux! Right now I work with @coded to host our lives on NixOS servers. We also run NixOS on our desktop/laptops and have a shared configuration with options to turn on/off bits we don’t all want, which we use Snowfall for!

My biggest pain point with Nix is the documentation, I fully immersed myself and struggled until I could swim, but it’s still a problem every time I want to introduce more people to it. Approachability is the thing I most want to improve in Aux

That’s all from me for now, I’m available in various places on the internet, my website is a pretty good place to find out where some of those are if you want to chat. Or, you know, ping me a message on here :slight_smile:


Yyyyyyep, I do run that joint these days - if you are there, you would have definitely seen me around ^^

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Hello! I’m Samuel or @coded.

I got into nix through a combination @minion and windows 11 being awful and haven’t switched elsewhere since. As stated before, I share a joint configuration using snowflake with @minion it’s available publicly at Chimera/NixFiles - Gitiles.

I’m heading the Documentation team with @minion in hopes to help old users find what they’re looking for without much stress, and for new users to be able to get started easily.

For more on myself including some of the projects I’ve worked on and contact information you can check My Site (thecoded.prof)!


Hey all, I’m Andre or @8bitbuddhist. I’m relatively new to Nix (I only started February 2024), but I immediately fell in love with the concept and tech. I switched from EndeavourOS on my laptop and Debian on my server and have been daily driving NixOS ever since.

I hadn’t gotten too involved with development, but now I’m ready to roll up my sleeves. I made a little contribution to nixos-hardware and built a custom package, but now I joined the Docs SIG to hopefully put my tech writing experience to good use. I also published my configs publicly, and wrote a few blog posts about my experience. Excited to see where Aux and Nix go from here!


I share a joint configuration using snowflake with @minion it’s available publicly at Chimera/NixFiles - Gitiles.

Really cool to see you using catppuccin/nix, the maintainer works really hard on it and they are super cool. And of course all the contributors.


We had originally, due to overlooking catppuccin/nix, manually copied all the colors into an over a thousand line file (see here), was very happy when we found it :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s insanity. Happy to say that’s a good change you have made lol.


Hey all,

I’m (another) Ruby and also usually going by nixfemby. (coming from *nix though still kinda unfortunate, lol)

Most of my Linux time was on arch and void, though I’ve been using nix on and off for probably around a year now. Aside of that I mostly deal with web, go/rust and I’m also looking into gleam.

I haven’t really touched development or packaging so far but after lurking around aux for a little it’s something I’d love to help out with, once I’ve gotten more familiar with things myself.


no way it’s roober

anyway hi you can call me Liassica :^) i started using nixOS last november; my config is up on my codeberg page (i made sure to steal some from ruby)