First meeting for docs!

I think that we should have a first meeting where we can decide what the next week looks like. At the very least, I think it’ll be a cool thing for the community.

I’ll call the meeting time 4:00AM UTC (around midnight on friday my time), in case Saturday is the most convinient for everyone. I know it’s a little rushed, sorry.


Thanks for making this, I think this is an excellent initiative! I’ll make something of a loose agenda before the meeting


I’ll add my info tmrw when I catch a second. Heading to bed for the night

We have a pretty good chunk of people on this list available between 5 UTC and 8 UTC do we want to confirm the call for then?

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I suspect it will be between 5pm UTC tomorrow and 6pm UTC tomorrow, but let’s wait for imadnyc to confirm at 4am UTC tomorrow

In case this call overlaps with SIG-Security - and for those unable to join - would you be willing to take notes?

my hope was that SIGSEC would have ended their call, but I agree there is quite a short buffer time…

Regardless, thanks for the suggestion! I plan to either take minutes or delegate it to another attendee. We will post them on the forum in this category


me too… We’ll see how it goes - first time :wink:

May I steal that typing? It’s short & pretty :+1:

My proposal/ idea for SIGSEC is to use @Axel’s
Hedgedoc to work on documentation? - #5 by Axel and ask everybody to participate. In my experience it makes notes less cumbersome to the “Chosen One” and gives everybody the possibility to include what they have found important.


well, meetings always overrun … I’m hoping to sit in on the SIGSEC meeting too, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:. I’m aware I’m not yet a member

Of course :heart:

This is a wonderful idea, I will do the same at the SIGDOCS meeting

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Yes please :pray:
I’ve just realized 5mins ago that I wasn’t explicit about this being an open invitation and adjusted my post


I want to call it for 5pm UTC, but I also don’t want to make people choose between the two (also I want to join the security call too lmao). I also think 30 min is a little short for 7-8, so maybe we can start it at 6:30, and then have everyone hop in at 7 when everyone is available? I’ll still wait till 4am for more people to sign up but that 's what it’s looking like I think. Also, I did’t realize we had shared doc hosting, so I’ll make a doc like the security team did for notes

Given SIGSEC is the smaller group (by current member count) I wouldn’t be too offended to move to a different day to resolve the issue.

@c8h4 and I coordinated the date in private initially. Maybe this was a mistake :thinking:
What do you think?

How many people are willing to join your call right now? I know that me and @minion want to sit in and see what’s happening too. Only move it if you think more people will join, but otherwise I don’t think it’s too big of a deall.

Time wise I’ll probably be prepping stuff for the SIG Docs call but I’d love to read minutes or similar. If the call can be moved I’d join

Both of you included, 4 people total.

First time, I have no idea :rofl: :person_shrugging:

Let’s see tomorrow

In that case, seeing as 8 people signed up to this one, is it fair to set this at 9am tomorrow?

I guess an open call from the get-go would have been maybe better, in hindsight. Although at that point we were only two people and it afterwards kind of evolved. :^)

Moving it is fine by me too, if more people would like to join!
Should we then plan it using too?

@c8h4 I think you should have your call today as planned and use when2meet to plan your next one. It’s very close to the call now to be wondering about rescheduling, so much that if you did reschedule you would not be able to use the same time.

(This may be important if people have planned other stuff around joining the SIGSEC call)


Please can you clarify: when is the call going to be? Which of 17:00 or 19:00 UTC?

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