Do we need a Repology Presence?

Hi, all.

I read about Aux on the NixOS weekly newsletter, about 30 minutes ago. I must have been impressed with the project roadmap, because I’ve put ‘We’’ in the title above, rather than ‘You’!

I know that NixOS has a presence on Repology, is this something Aux needs, so that potential users can easily see which package versions are available? If packages aren’t available, it may attract new people to contribute.

You probably know this, but this is a guide to getting listed on Repology.

Really looking forward to a standalone install to try; was it FreshWaterOS? ISO, please :slight_smile: (torrent=better)




We have been using the name aux _ where the blank is what the thing is like auxos and auxpkgs. Though names are very much up for debate and one of those suggestions was FreshwaterOS.

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Also I agree, we should create a ISO at some point. But right now we have no where real to host it.

@isabel Thanks, Isabel; that makes sense. I know it’s probably at the MVP/ pre-Alpha stage, I’m just excited. Is there a backlog to work from, or add to?


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Currently we are very much in the planning phase. But the idea is we want to break up the mono repo into multiple separate repos. It might be worth reading this post to catchup Musings on a monorepo versus developer oriented distribution - #36 by c8h4. But other then working on those we have no real backlog.

Perhaps this would be nice, although we cannot do so yet, from the requirements page

For the same reason, we impose minimal requirements on maturity - that is, a repository should contain at least a few hundred packages and be maintained for at least half a year.

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I think having a backlog would be very nice. Maybe a backlog thread thats locked to just mods (I feel like conversations would break out on accident otherwise)

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Also agree, and I think creating/maintaining a backlog is already part of the goal of the discussion in Suggestion: use project management tools for roadmap and other project management


I have a call with Plane tomorrow, hopefully we can have something a bit better soon.


Thank you; that sounds like a good approach.


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TBF that’s a decent argument in support of the torrent suggestion of OP.