Differences between a SIG and a Committee?

Iā€™m a little confused here since some things are committees and some others are SIGs. I just want to understand the terminology better. Sorry if this has already been answered on a thread I was unable to find it. :sweat_smile:

(Accidentally deleted it. Oops).


Wow the timing on this could not be better. We asked this early in the moderation hangout and here is what @jakehamilton had to say

Committees handle meta tasks for the organization while SIGs have specific projects with deliverables.
The two are close to each other, but the important distinction is that committees primarily perform
services for SIGs and to keep the ecosystem running.

You can see some of this in the distinctions made today between existing committees and SIGs:

The Steering Committee handles direction and top-level governance of the ecosystem while the
JavaScript SIG owns the implementation of JS support.

The Marketing Committee handles branding and promotion for the ecosystem while the Documentation
SIG owns the implementation and maintenance of docs.


Thanks for the blazing fast response now it makes sense. Good distinction to be made. :slight_smile:


Much of this comes from Kubernetes as well and their documentation can help to provide an example of what we are aiming for: GitHub - kubernetes/community: Kubernetes community content


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