Converting NixOS to AuxOS- GitHub Instructions

Hi, all.

I have a fresh install of NixOS, and want to convert it to Aux. It’s been a long day, and I got confused about the instructions, and setting the hostname, in the Linux example.

For myself and others, would it be possible to expand the instructions, particularly around nixosConfigurations.${hostName} = nixpkgs.lib.nixosSystem

Fortunately, I had backed up my flake.nix to flake.nix_bakup

I think my confusion was around the curly brackets/ braces {} and whether to use the current hostname or the new hostname. The GitHub instructions do go on to mention the new hostname, but I didn’t find the earlier part particularly clear.

Would it be possible to perhaps make this slightly clearer, and to assume no existing knowledge of how this works?

Many thanks,



This looks fairly helpful, as an approach.

I’ll work it out, just thinking about the next person that has the same uncertainty. I’ll post any updates, so people can benefit from them.



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