CI: pull nixpkgs

So in order to pull changes from upstream properly we introduced a new workflow. But I have hit a road block. Take a read of the below if especially if your well aware of git.



I mean just checking locally the entire workflow makes sense and was able to merge into main. So maybe its a github CI/CD thing.

I answered in the issue, but if it works locally I’m not sure I have the right answer. I gotta sleep though U₀U


After several failed workflows, we got it working. It seems to have been caused by 3 major issues.

  1. To explain, actions/checkout@4 defaults to a fetch depth of 1. This ment that it was not fetching any of the repos history, this ment that when trying to merge we were getting an error - “unrelated histories”. So in order to fix that we need to set the fetch depth to 0 which fetches all history.

  2. Not providing a GH_TOKEN to the gh cli

  3. We did not enable workflows to create PRs.


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