Call for Moderators

Aux is growing and we need people that can help to enforce our Code of Conduct. If you want to help, please reply in this topic with the following information:

Region: (for example NA or EU)
Reason: (why do you want to be a moderator for Aux?)
Experience: (examples of past experience moderating discussions if you have any)


Hello aux community,

I’m happy and willing to moderate on discord, discourse and github. I have no experience with matrix moderation but I’m willing to learn. Super invested in what this project has to show.

Region: EU
Reason: I want to be more involved with the project and hopeful properly represent the interests of the collective peoples
Experience: I am currently one of two staff members of the userstyles project for the Catppuccin theme and we recently had an incident where I had to prevent a user from collaborating. Furthermore, I’ve managed a few discord servers before now.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Region: NA
Reason: As the community grows I’m willing to help moderate and ensure the CoC is being followed. I hope that this community can grow in a healthy manner.
Experience: Discord and Matrix moderation for SnowflakeOS


Hi everyone!

I’m not much of a packager, but I do have quite a bit of experience moderating Discord and Matrix.

At the moment, I’m an admin of the Linux Gaming discord (~4800 members) and we have some pretty tight rules over there to keep the community inclusive and safe for our members.

Region: India
Reason: I’d really like to be involved in the project but I lack experience in packaging, so I thought I could contribute this way.



Region: South Africa, which is UTC+2, so compatible with Europe.
Reason: I’m passionate about maintaining an open and welcoming community.
Experience: mostly IRL, facilitating conversations, maintaining safe discussion spaces, etc.


Hi hi! I’ve been pretty excited about this community since the announcement yesterday, and I would love to get involved more and help however I can.

Region: EU (CET/CEST timezone)
Reason: I would like to help keep the community safe for everyone
Experience: I used to moderate the Space Station 14 discord (10k members) and forums. I haven’t used Matrix much before, but I don’t mind having to learn its moderation tools!


Region: USA (obv)
Reason: To get this off the ground there needs to be good moderation
Experience: IRL moderation, mostly. I also did some preliminary modding here without being a mod, and I’m not a bad faith actor.


Hey all, super excited for this new community, I found out about through Lobsters and the Fediverse.

Region: UTC+8
Reason: Always happy to be more involved. The other reason is that I’m in a much less popular timezone, and moderation here could be necessary as the community grows, regardless.
Experience: I have some experience with modding on various Discord and IRC communities. Also eager to learn and adapt, too.


Great that you’re in that timezone, @gopher. The nixos discourse is really suffering from not having much (any?) moderation in your timezone.


Region: NA (PST/PDT)
Reason: I’d love to get involved in this community that seems to mesh with my values and has tons of enthusiasm. I don’t have much in the way of programming experience, so this could be my way of contributing.
Experience: Moderating several Discord communities, including being former moderator of a 3000+ member server. Willing to learn Matrix and Discourse moderation, as well as any other platforms if need be.