Calendar for coordinating meetings

I’ve created this public calendar over on the aux nextcloud that we can use for coordinating/scheduling meetings in one place.

If you’re part of a SIG and you’d like permissions to add your meetings to that calendar, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you’re in the Auxolotl github org.
  2. Log into the Auxolotl Nextcloud using github.
  3. Reply to this thread once you’re logged in and I’ll assign calendar editing permissions to you.

yeah, thanks a lot!!

@committee_security events are now in the calendar thanks to @minion


Thank you. I’m logged in.


Thanks for setting this up!

One small heads up: I’m not sure if this is a browser specific thing and only effecting me, but for me the times on the overview show in my local time (UTC+2), while showing as UTC+0 in the meeting details, which is a little confusing.

From my understanding, regardless of who sets up the meeting and whatever timezone they pick, the overview will always show you the times relative to whatever timezone you’re currently in.

So even though the meeting details show you the time in UTC, in the overview that’s converted to your timezone automatically.


Ahh, that was the missing piece, thanks. That clarifies why the two are different (the meeting details keep & display the intentionally chosen setting, instead of automatically converting it to the local timezone too).