Adding Minion to the Steering Committee

Today I’m happy to announce the growth of the Steering Committee to three people with the addition of its most recent member: @minion. She has been an excellent advocate for @sig_documentation and helping to push the project forward. With her help, we will be able to provide clear direction and steps for Aux. She has already been helpful supporting some administrative tasks and this role will allow her to more fully affect the project positively. I am looking forward to working with her and sharing in her enthusiasm.

Moving forward the three current members of the committee (@jakehamilton, @isabel, and @minion) will be providing direction for the project and management of its governance structures. A revised roadmap and goals are in the works to better represent where we are today, the state of the world now that Lix exists, and with excellent suggestions from the community. Additional project oversight tasks and infrastructure are also being planned.

Please welcome @minion to the Steering Committee!


congrats @minion! this sounds amazing!


Woohoo!! Congrats @minion!! :smile:


Most excellent expansion :slight_smile: