2024-05-04 -- First SIG Security Call

Happening Saturday the 3rd of May 2024-05-04T16:00:00Z at

A preliminary agenda:

  • Get-2-Know
  • Security Team Contact Page
  • Maybe some brainstorming

[EDIT] Just to be explicit, this is of course open to everybody - even if you’re undecided and/or just want to listen in.


Please make sure that your access to Meeting Notes works beforehand. The idea is to make the task a collaborative one…

[UPDATE] To notes accessible to everybody

Thanks everybody for participating and especially @jakehamilton for providing a lot of content!

Meeting notes are at SIG-Security - HedgeDoc

Notable decisions/ tasks for those wanting to TL;DR the notes

  • [dfh] Next meeting should be coordinated via when2meet
  • Security needs to be a committee to handle the ongoing (sometimes meta) tasks from a big picture perspective
  • A “Security story” to envision and inform the role of the committee within Aux