Where is the roadmap?

I see it mentioned a few times, but Roadmap: Phase 1 doesn’t mention it.

My expectation was to find it on Github Projects or find a link to some self-hosted project management software, but no dice.

P.S I’m asking this in a post so that others can easily find a topic and so that it could end up in a FAQ category or something.

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The roadmap is listed on the website:


Edit: thanks for responding so quickly. I don’t tend to scroll far on the homepage and just use it a hop to the forums :sweat_smile:

Would this be the place to suggest using github projects to track progress of roadmaps and have an easy overview thereof? Every SIG could have their own github project with a roadmap. It would allow having an easy overview of what’s being worked on, by whom, what’s planned, what’s complete, what still has to be done, and overall “completion” of the roadmap.

Or maybe another post might be better?

I think you mean auxolotl.org

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another post for sure.

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Cheers. Feel free to lock this :slight_smile:

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