SIG Specific Team Leads

@jakehamilton Could we get some permissions synced? SIG members having maintain on each respective team and the like.

Let’s have each SIG establish up to two leads that will be able to manage their respective members and permissions. I’ll grant the team maintainer role so those leads can operate without needing to be bottlenecked by me (sorry!).


I think I can nominate myself and @minion for SIG Docs Team Leads, however I’m open to other opinions

I think it’s best to discuss within the SIG and come to a decision there. Once that’s been decided I’ll hand out perms :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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I’ve discussed with @coded a little, and as we’re not currently bottlenecked we’d like to do an election among SIGDocs members, we’re writing up a post for this now.

We think that other SIGs may have more trouble doing so, as SIGDocs is pretty big and we don’t have as much time-pressure since myself and @coded can use permissions until leadership is decided, but we think it’s a good step towards teams democratically deciding their leaders.

We expect the full election (nomination + voting) to take 48 hours from the post, is this OK with you or would you like us to expedite?

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That’s totally fine, no rush! I was looking at setting up Elekto down the road for just such a need, but have not done so since things are very early right now. Worth considering for the voting process.