SIG Documentation: Team Leadership Election

If you’d like to lead, nominate yourself and say why you think you’d be a good leader.

After 24h we’ll do open a 24h long vote (multiple choice + pick as many as you’d like, this poll will be limited to SIG documentation members only) and the highest voted 2 will become the new team leads. In the event of a tie between 2nd and 3rd we’ll toss a coin (If you believe there’s a better way to determine the outcome, please say so).

Until the vote concludes, myself and @minion will continue pushing docs forward.


I think I’d like to hear the expected responsibilties first, which might be a whole big discussion.

Edit: On second read; is this election only for SIG documentation?
Edit Edit: yep looks like it. I won’t be nominating myself, but my question might still be relevent


Correct, this is only a SIG Documentation election. The responsibilities so far have been largely administrative: writing posts, inviting members, etc.

As suggested in the post SIG Specific Team Leads, other teams will be nominating their own leadership if you are interested in those.

However, I agree, we should have a discussion about the expected responsibilities. You raise a good point, and I think we should put this election on hold until that’s done - SIGDocs is in no rush, and it’s always good to know what you’re in for!

I’ve gone ahead and removed the timer until at least the mainstay responsibilities are discussed.

Please use this post to discuss the responsibilities of a leader, we’ll resume the election once people have come to a consensus on what the position is