Nice meetup June 2024

I am working on a meetup, tentatively June 1 in Nice with an open invite to Aux, Nix, and Guix contributors. Trying to get a reservation at Foam for it, would like to start in the afternoon and perhaps have people just present what they are working on informally and then chill. Please reply if you wanna come.


Is Nice a city or a virtual space?

It’s a city, between Marseilles and Genoa.

On the beautiful Cote d’Azur

Would love to make it, ideally taking a car and the lady along a road trip, but I’m not sure June is doable…

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Is there a better time for you?

Update: we have pushed back this event to the 22nd of June. I will be at the venue starting around lunchtime, and I welcome anyone who wants to propose a topic for discussion or presentation to reply here or contact me directly. The venue Foam confirmed that we can meet in their space. Address: 1 Place du Pin.

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Given the ongoing national crisis and calls from major trade unions to protest tomorrow during the time slot that was planned for this event, the event is cancelled. I hope to propose another meeting for a later date.