Moderation for SIG Owners within their SIG group

Not sure if this request is too early and/or too complicated. If so I’ll open it here just so I don’t forget :wink:

TL;DR It would be great if we could have a per SIG moderator group that can take moderator actions within a specific SIG.

E.g. as SIG-Security Owner I would love to have moderation permissions for that SIG but no other.


This would be useful, I’m not sure if Discourse has the ability to do category-scoped moderators :thinking:

According to discourses discourse there’s a feature called Category Moderator

The description matches my intention for the OP


Describes how to configure the feature.
The best implementation might be to create 2 groups per category


With the following permissions

  • OWNERS is set as moderators this SIG
  • OWNERS can manage MEMBERS group**
  • MEMBERS group have “Create / Reply / See” Permissions

**The members of OWNERS might need to be kept in sync with the MEMBERS group manually it seems, since Discourse seems to not support nested group or group-based permissions: Allow another Group be assigned as Owner - feature - Discourse Meta


Any chance we can get this setup?

Just getting back from lunch, I’ll give it a go right now (along with turning the security SIG into a committee).

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I’ve done this one on the github. :slight_smile:

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