Meeting Agenda for 2024-07-13

Here’s the Agenda for 2024-07-13T17:00:00Z's meeting:

  • Approval/Revision of Agenda
  • @dfh: “How to document your SIG/Committee” guide
  • @coded: Forgejo CI (Buildbot)
  • @8bitbuddhist: Template README’s on wiki
  • @pyrox: Nixpkgs markdown documentation generation
  • @dfh: Treefmt template/module work
  • @coded: Document labs lib
  • Any other business

Call will be at the same place as always
Here is the link for the agenda/minutes

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As just me and @8bitbuddhist showed up I’m going to postpone this meeting. I’ll follow up this comment with a poll for what day works the best. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


What day works best for a rescheduled meeting?

  • Sunday (the 14th)
  • Monday (the 15th)
  • Tuesday (the 16th)
  • Skip this week’s meeting, we’ll just reconvine next Saturday (the 20th) with this agenda
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Should we reschedule for sooner then next Saturday, I would like to have the meeting around the same time as usual, however we should be able to make adjustments based on people schedules if needed.