Hosting our own conference software

It came up in the SIG: Docs meeting, and we’re wondering if we want to host an opentalk or similar service for centralization of meetings to lessen confusion about where to find them.


What are the requirements for this service? If it is only a p2p system where we serve a static site then it would be pretty easy for us to adopt. If it requires additional services then we may want to push it off until we have consistent funding.


I’m not a voice/video person myself, but I’ve heard good things about Jitsi I assume the actual media data goes p2p with RTC, but I’m not sure. I guess there’s some active components, no idea what load they put on a small VPS?

Edit: ah, no, looks like it only does p2p if there are only two participants.

I think any way we choose to do it. There will have to be some form of server hosting a tunnel or bridge

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I’m the one testing opentalk right now (with COMSEC) after having some bad experience hosting jitsi in the long run. It was just not stable enough.

My opentalk (OT) experiments currently use a commercially hosted instance with that comes with one of my email addresses. Functionally it works well, the downside is that there’s no app available - yet

For OT it’s similar to self-hosting jitsi. I’ve heard a rumor though that they are aiming at being better with resource management than jitsi.