Call for Python Maintainers

Aux is growing and we need to put together a set of contributors responsible for maintaining python packages. If you want to help, please reply in this topic with the following information:

Reason: (why do you want to be a python maintainer for Aux?)
Experience: (examples of past experience maintaining packages)

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Reason: Gaining experience in nix packaging, helping the project

  • In nix: I ported 6 packages to nixpkgs, have ~20 merged PRs. I made multiple flake for my own python projects. It’s not much, but it is a start
  • In python: It was my first language and I still use it, having 5-6 years of experience with it

Reason: I’m maintaining a few python packages in nixpkgs
Experience: I wrote several GNOME apps in python and python libraries.

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Reason: Help the project, and as far as technical experience goes this is probably where I would be the most useful. Also most of my personal/professional stuff is in Python, so I have a vested interest in Aux’s Python ecosystem being well-maintained.
Experience: With Nix, about a year, largely just personal laptop/server admin, and some stuff at work just for me. With Python, something like 5-7 years, and still my language of choice

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Reason: I want to see the project grow and succeed. I develop in Python professionally and recreationally, and I feel that I can be of use. I am also a proponent of learning by doing, and I am sure I will learn a lot through my involvement here.
Experience: Daily-driving NixOS for half a year and Nix for one year, 5 years of professional experience with Python (primarily ML/DS stack).

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I want to become a Python maintainer for Aux because, of the existing SIGs, this is the one that best fits my technical abilities.


  • As a core maintainer, none. I wouldn’t be offended if this were a big minus.
  • I’ve been writing Python in some capacity for eleven years and have a decent grasp of the language. This program is outdated but also the most succint and expressive example I have. This is a more recent but much more sprawling one.
  • There was that one time I shepherded a click upgrade in my previous distro.
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