Call for KDE Maintainers

Aux is growing and we need to put together a set of contributors responsible for maintaining KDE packages. If you want to help, please reply in this topic with the following information:

Reason: (why do you want to be a KDE maintainer for Aux?)
Experience: (examples of past experience maintaining packages)


Reason: I want to help maintain KDE because it’s my current desktop environment :smile:

Experience: I don’t have any experience as an official package maintainer unfortunately but i would be more than willing to learn. I have experience with making my own simple nix flake config CodingPuffin/nixos-flake-config: Personal puffin approved nixos flake config use at your own risk the sea can be treacherous - it’s not much but i’m happy with it :smiley:


I would like some information about what is awaited of kde maintainer if possible plus some question i have :

  • Should i start creating update PR for the kde packages or are they going to keep following the nixpkgs for now and up to when ?
  • Should i ask to join the github organisation ? GitHub Organization Membership
  • Is there anything in particular i should start working on ? replacing reference to nixpkgs for exemple or thing like that ?


Yes, add your name in the GitHub membership thread!

Right now the SIG Core is handling the soft fork. KDE will need to be extracted along with its packages in the second phase. Using the time we have during this phase to explore some of the possibilities or challenges in doing so is a good use of time.

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