Call for Haskell Maintainers

Aux is growing and we need to put together a set of contributors responsible for maintaining haskell packages. If you want to help, please reply in this topic with the following information:

Reason: (why do you want to be a haskell maintainer for Aux?)
Experience: (examples of past experience maintaining packages)

I would very much be happy to help maintaining an equivalent to haskellPackages.

Reason: I’ve been working professionnally with Haskell for 7 years and Nix has been the more comfortable way to develop with this ecosystem so far (for me at least). I’ve been an advocate for Haskell and Nix for many years (altough my public appearances since Covid are almost down to 0 for personal reasons). I would very much hate to see Nix disappear for my haskell (and rust) development projects.

Experience: with maintaining packages in nixpkgs: not so much sadly. I’ve had to privately fix some of them, especially with nixos releases bumping ghc and base (+ other standard libs) but not really contribute back to nixpkgs so far.

I’m curious to see if we could take advantage of this blank page to improve the whole setup and maybe move away from old hypothesis.

I’m a freelancer and would gladly assign some of my professional time to open-source. Aux would be a very good option.



I would love to join the contributors for maintaining haskell packages.
Reason: I’ve been doing haskell and nix for the last three years. Haskell is the language of my choice, both professionally and for just fun and entertainment. I live in nix all day. My dev environment machines are nix-os. I honestly can not imagine having to do haskell outside of nix. It allows me to bootstrap a project with just a few keystrokes in almost any version of ghc that I need to without corrupting any global configuration

  • haskell developer for 3 years.
  • nix and nixos user for 3 years
  • rust and nix development for the last months
    For additional info, please see my github repo for CV and more.
    I would love to join the contributed and start contributing.