Anti-AI / LLM embargo

I do not consent to the use of my posts here by algorithmic generators or in the derived works they produce. I think Aux should prohibit the use of such technology on the forum with some kind of disclaimer, robots.txt, etc.


In response to this it would be pretty cool to getting a robots.txt setup. Recently, I was introduce to dark visitors which should make this a good bit easier. Set Up Your Robots.txt | Dark Visitors


yeah lets throw the boilerplate up on the site as a starting point

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This might be useful as well: GitHub - healsdata/ai-training-opt-out: Known tags and settings suggested to opt out of having your content used for AI training.


An AI embargo might have positive practical implications. The Gentoo Team recently made the decision to ban such content for legal and practical (low quality submission) purposes

Personally I’m in favor for a similar restriction as I’ve seen multiple sources in the open-source world talking about an increase in workload through reasonable looking but non-sensible contributions.


+1 to this. AI-generated code isn’t just poor quality (usually), it’s a legal liability. If someone has to use AI, it should only be used to brainstorm, not to create.


Although I’m not against AI and I use it as a tool for learning and improving my skills, I 100% agree with banning AI-generated code. Especially with Nix, it hallucinates too much, I’m pretty sure most people would agree :smiley_cat:


I’m currently dayjobbing on a “this lets me juggle my own data + explicitly open data more easily” AI project and fully support this approach to the “ask forgiveness never” scraping idiots - as well as the “type the code or suggest an abstraction” approach to submissions.


While I 100% agree with the embargo I think this is an issue we would have to vote on.
I hope we get some sort of formal governance/rules/constitution soonish. (Aside from the CoC and lousy polls).


This poll exists to determine whether we should allow AI scrappers to view the domain “aux.compter”. This poll will be closed at 2024-05-07T11:00:00Z. To be clear this poll is ONLY for AI scrappers on the wesbite.

  • Allow
  • Disallow
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Glad to see an overwhelming majority agree!