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  • Hey @jakehamilton, really excited to see the committees and wondering if we can have one for documentation… here’s why we think it’s needed and what we think people would do:
  • Aux has excellent ideas, and we want people to understand them. People have struggled with learning Nix, so we’d love to have an extensive set of docs and guides to refer to when you get stuck!
  • This is a new committee, we’d expect people to discuss ways to improve the docs as well as share the work they’ve been doing. We also wondered about having weekly documentation calls, and would post the minutes in the category.

(CC: @coded)


I completely agree and the omission of such a group is my mistake! I think the best way to organize this is as a SIG focused on documentation.
I’ve created a new category and group for it: SIG Documentation - Aux

May I add you @minion and @coded as members so you can begin posting in that category?

Yes, please do. We’re on call and @coded has said that is a good idea too. Thanks!

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